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Software Development Services in Noida

2 Years Of Experience In Software Development

Looking for the best and most creative Software Development services with prompt delivery to give your business an edge? Make K and A your partner in this journey. With a team of experienced and innovative minds, we offer exceptional and end-to-end Software Development services at the most reasonable cost.

To provide you with a better, modern, and engaging Mobile App Development service, our specialised team constantly works hard to meet your expectations. We believe in providing a personalised experience to our clients and staying up-to-date with market trends so that you can stay a few steps ahead of your competitors.

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Various types of Software Development Services are available in the market, but choosing the appropriate service for your business is very important.

  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Full-Stack Development
  • Database Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Our Company Also Provide Custom Software

Front-End Development

Everything we would recognise on a particular website or application is hidden in indistinct code by developers. People with no coding background can also understand and use the application.

Back-End Development

Back-End Development is also recognised as server-side advancement. It is all that a normal person with zero coding knowledge does not discern and includes behind-the-scenes actions that occur when conducting any litigation on a particular website. It concentrates mainly on databases, backend reasoning, APIs, and servers.

Full-Stack Development

Any Full-Stack creator is a web innovator or designer who toils with the Front-End and Back-End of a particular Website or Software Application and can undertake certain programmes that implicate databases, build proper user-facing websites, or directly function with customers while the plans are being made.

Database Development

Database development refers to the complex process of formulating and evaluating rules and objectives in the form of new information or data. It accepts a number of tasks and events in order to construct and formulate information or data projects on those in a corporation's strategy.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing comprises assistance, policies, and apps that operate on the cloud. This can normally be used remotely from almost any location, provided the user has an internet connection via WiFi and a reasonable login. They require a tonne of benefits, encompassing sustainability. From starting to frontend development to cloud computing, K and A provides all the software services.

Our Company Also Provide Custom Software

Website and application development solutions, including Big Data, Blockchain, software-development Solutions, HRMS and many more. We house a team of experienced and professional developers who are always ready to take up the challenge that comes with complex projects.

Software for Different Management Levels

Enterprise-Wide Software

We create software that provides centralised storage for corporate data or manages cross-departmental collaboration and activities. Such software is accessed by multiple users and has a deliberate hierarchy of user roles and permissions.

Departmental Software

We scrutinise the needs of your employees within a required department. With custom software, we uncover functional capabilities unavailable in mass-market or free tools.

Business Process Management Software

We address a specific business workflow and uncover automation possibilities that can be enabled by custom-built software. We often integrate several software systems to ensure the continuity of the business workflow.

CRM Software

We provide custom CRM software development services. They contain the installation and migration of different CRM platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Siebel. Our CRM software contains relevant analytical tools that will help correlate customer data to streamline product development, enhance marketing campaigns, and improve sales efforts.

Our End-to-End Software Development Process


Product Conceptualization

Our software developers will help you create a concept for the web product that will showcase your business model to your target audience. We will conduct a thorough analysis to ascertain the end-users' interests and build a product that meets their needs.


Design & Prototype

In this stage, we conduct research to learn about the layout, features and functionalities the end-user would like in the software. Our experts ensure that they fulfil all your requirements and enhance the browsing experience of your customers at an affordable cost.


Development & Testing

Once we successfully plan and design the software, considering the customer requirements, we begin the development process. Our experienced professionals will ensure that the product is built the way it was designed in the previous phase. Then, we will test the final product to ensure it is bug-free.



After successfully developing the product, the software is now ready-to-use. We deploy the product to the server. So, you can make use of it.


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