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App Store Optimization Agency in Noida

App store optimization is not new to the world. Many App publishers are trying hard to get their app discovered in app stores through App Store Optimization, but very few get succeed due to adopting a traditional approach of ASO. In today’s ever-crowded app market, simply adding keywords, optimizing content, improving rating and reviews, back linking and doing such other stuffs does not work in most cases. There are few secret app ranking factors (most ASO agencies does not know) that need to consider while developing and implementing ASO strategy to get assured and safe results.
Knowing all such factors, we help app publishers improve the ranking of their Android and iOS apps in the app store by providing App Store Optimization services.

Mechanics of app store optimization and our role.

  • App Icon
  • On-site Optimization
  • Maximum localization
  • Keyword tracking & Optimization
  • Number of downloads
  • App description
  • Marketing
  • User engagement
App Icon

The app icon is the first visual element that people see when they view an app store listing. An icon should immediately convey what an app is about, in the simplest manner possible. We avoid complex icon designs otherwise it could be difficult to distinguish on smaller devices.

On-site Optimization

Backend Development is also recognized as server-side advancement. It is all that a normal person with zero coding knowledge does not discern and includes behind-the-scenes actions that occur when conducting any litigation on a particular website. It concentrates mainly on databases, backend reasoning, APIs, and Servers.

Maximum localization

We, at Orange Mantra has the expertise to help you make an Application with maximum localization. Translating an App into different local languages can greatly increase downloads and expose an app to large potential audience.

Keyword tracking & Optimization

We use relevant keywords in the App title to improve search engine rankings. We focus to incorporate natural keywords, constantly track the keywords and monitor the rankings at an appreciable level. We may use various app analytics tools on demand. We discover strengths and weaknesses and rectify weaknesses.

Number of downloads

The number of downloads has great impact on the performance of any app. Most of the users download any app after considering the reviews as well as popularity. We help in App ratings/reviews, effective social media presence to promote the app and increase its downloads.

App description

We maintain transparency, uncluttered content, simple to understand the functionalities while describing the application along with App screenshots, video creation to showcase the app with highlighted features, video submissions on You Tube and other top video sites.


Press release and Cost-Per-Install (CPI) Campaigns [i.e., paid apps made available free for a short duration of time]. We help you set up and navigate the intricacies of social media. Our marketing services include the pre-launch, post-launch and maintenance work to give the anticipated returns.

User engagement

We help you assess individual’s response for products, services, or offerings and accordingly deploy user engagement tactics such as push-notifications, e-mail marketing and in-app-messaging in such a way that the users keep coming back for more. We help you monetize your product at a faster rate.

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